Topslide systems are used for tables with undivided tops and one-sided extension. The combination of outer steel and inner aluminium profile ensures high load capacity and silent operation. The extension always features the same length - in extended as well as in closed position. Also available with brake design. Available for 60 kg and 90 kg load capacity. 
ALU 55 Frontslide is an aluminium extension with integrated frame component and has the following specifications: 90° aluminium front end connectors, moving along cover profile, reinforced moving profile, anodized aluminium featuring choice of colors, stop feature continuously variable, may be combined with folding mechanism, for table sizes: closed table starting at 1.000 mm up to 1.900 mm.  
Frontslide systems are used for tables with undivided tops and one-sided extension. High load capacity due to 2 mms material thickness as well as material with increased tensile strength. Rounded edges and precise profiles optimize handling. Extensions for 90 kgs and 115 kgs load capacity are available. Systems are available with or without with brake design. 
Alu 55 Frontslide Basic with lift feature is a design extension with integrated frame component, which extends independent at the table ends. The table extensions are stored below the table top and are moved up with an integrated lift-function.  
Synchro with Central Lift: Horizontal and vertical movement in one go! The central lift unit supplements the horizontal extension of the table top by the "pop up feature" of the centrally located insert panel. This operation is done in one go just like the reversed process: lowering and closing of table leaf. The centrally located lift unit may be combined with extensions "Basic Advanced" (frame mounted) and "Kombi 47" (bottom mounted).